Wesley Hermans

Position: Research Assistant
Department of Human Biology & Movement Sciences
Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences
Maastricht University
PO Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht, the Netherlands

Telephone: +31 43 3881810
Fax:           +31 43 3670286
Mobile:       -
Email: w.hermans#maastrichtuniversity.nl

Key words: Muscle Metabolism, Sports Nutrition, Muscle Loss

Hobbies: Sports, Tech, Gaming



2009–2013  High school, St.-Janscollege, Hoensbroek
2013-2016 BSc, Health Sciences, Maastricht University
2016-2017 MSc, Human Movement Sciences, Maastricht University

Career description

Wesley Hermans was born on the 12th of December, 1994 in Brunssum, the Netherlands. He went to high school at the St.-Janscollege in Hoensboek. In 2013 Wesley started his BSc in Health Sciences at Maastricht University. He finished his BSc in 2016 with a thesis on the effect of exercise prior to protein intake on overnight muscle protein synthesis in healthy young men. After finishing his BSc, he continued his studies at Maastricht University in MSc Human Movement Sciences. He finished his MSc in 2017, with a thesis on the dose-response relation between post-exercise protein and muscle protein synthesis in older men. After his internship, August 2017, Wesley started working as a research assistant at the M3-research unit focusing on muscle loss with bedrest and the effect of different proteins on muscle protein metabolism.