Imre W.K. Kouw

Position: PhD Student
Department of Movement Sciences
Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences
Maastricht University
PO Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht, the Netherlands

Telephone: +31 43 3881394
Fax:           +31 43 3670976
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Key words: clinical nutrition, sleep, preservation of skeletal muscle mass, overnight muscle protein turnover

Hobbies: (Teaching) skiing and snowboarding, travelling, scuba diving



2004–2006 Human Movement Sciences, Bachelor courses, VU University, Amsterdam.
2006-2010 Bachelor of Science, Nutrition and Dietetics, paramedical track. University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam.
Bachelor thesis at Wageningen University, division of Human Nutrition, entitled:
“The effects of dietary protein intake and resistance exercise on skeletal muscle mass in elderly people”
2010-2012 Master of Science in Nutrition, Karolinska Institute and Stockholm University.
Research internship at Maastricht University, department of Human Movement Sciences, M3 research group, entitled:
“The impact of carbohydrate co-ingestion with dietary protein on whole-body protein turnover in young and elderly men”
2012 Research assistant at the department of Human Movement Sciences, Maastricht University, M3 research group.
2012-present PhD student, department of Human Movement Sciences, Maastricht University. Promotor: Prof. L.J.C. van Loon.

Career description

Imre Kouw was born on May 30th, 1986 in Goes, the Netherlands. In 2004 she started her studies in Human Movement Sciences at VU Amsterdam and switched to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Applied University of Amsterdam. During her studies she did several internships: a research project at Deakin University in Melbourne and she worked as a dietician in clinical practice at Leiden University Medical Centre. During the final phase, she wrote a thesis examining the impact of dietary protein on skeletal muscle mass in at the department of Human Nutrition at Wageningen University. Following, she obtained a Master’s degree in Nutrition, at Karolinska Institute, Sweden, and carried out a research internship to write a thesis and carry out an internship at the department of Movement Sciences, at Maastricht University. Here she worked on several projects assessing the impact of dietary interventions on skeletal muscle mass in healthy, diabetic and, frail elderly. Here she obtained experience in using tracer methodology. After finishing her studies, Imre carried on working as a research assistant participating in several research projects within the M3 research group.  In November 2012, she started working as a PhD student at the department of Movement Sciences, School for Nutrition, Toxicology and Metabolism at Maastricht University. Here she will focus on nutritional interventions prior to sleep as a clinical application during periods of loss of skeletal muscle mass.