During post-exercise recovery, optimal nutritional intake is important to replenish endogenous substrate stores, facilitate muscle damage repair, and allow muscle tissue reconditioning. Previous research has shown that carbohydrate ingestion represents the most important factor regulating muscle glycogen synthesis. Co‐ingestion of dietary protein may further accelerate post‐exercise muscle glycogen synthesis.

Furthermore, post‐exercise protein and/or amino acid ingestion also stimulates muscle protein synthesis, which is likely instrumental to repair muscle damage and allow skeletal muscle reconditioning. It is now generally accepted that sports recovery nutrition should contain both carbohydrate and protein. However, there is still considerable discussion on the exact amount, type, and timing of ingestion of these nutrients and the further benefits of specific other (pharmaco) nutrients. In this thesis, we elaborate on the implications of protein and carbohydrate ingestion as nutritional interventions to promote post‐exercise recovery.

Defence date: 30/05/12

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Beelen, M
Beelen, M
Sports physician
Maastricht University Medical Centre