The progressive loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength with aging, sarcopenia, is associated with functional impairments in daily life activities, the loss of independence, an increased risk of developing chronic metabolic diseases, and an overall decrease in the quality of life. Satellite cells (muscle stem cells) play a key role in the maintenance, repair and regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue. Therefore, age-related changes in satellite cell content and/or function might represent a key factor in the etiology of sarcopenia.

In this thesis, we assess the age-related changes in skeletal muscle mass, strength, and muscle fiber type characteristics. We specifically focus on the changes in muscle fiber type-specific satellite cell content with aging and the impact of resistance type exercise training in the elderly.

Defence date: 16/10/09

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Verdijk, L.B.
Verdijk, L.B.
Associate Professor
Maastricht University