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Our research group publishes various scientific papers each year. An introduction to a few publications and a full list of all publications are provided below.

On-Going Research

Below you will find some topics we are currently working on within our research group.


Plant Based Proteins

We are currently investigating different plant based proteins to assess their anabolic properties.



Currently we are looking into the effects of protein intake, and more specifically collagen peptides, on collagen protein synthesis in various tissues in vivo in humans.


Active Aging

Ongoing research is directed towards defining more effective exercise and nutritional intervention strategies to support more active aging in both health and disease.

sustainable protein

Sustainable Proteins

We are now investigating the anabolic properties of mealworms as a dietary protein source during recovery from exercise.

Metabolic imaging

Glycogen storage

We can now non-invasively assess glycogen concentrations in both muscle and liver. We are now applying these measurements at Scannexus to assess the impact of exercise and (recovery) nutrition on muscle and liver glycogen storage.

Metabolic imaging

Intensive Care Unit

Understanding the nutritional needs of the ICU patient is another aim of our research portfolio. The nutritional needs of severely ill patients need to be established and more research is needed to address the challenges that come with enteral and parenteral feeding of these patients.

Metabolic imaging

Orthopedic surgery

Elective knee and hip surgery is now common among the older population. Higher demands for optimal recovery and rehabilitation requires adequate nutrition and exercise support. Several of our researchers are investigating the dietary and physical activity needs of these patients to optimize (pre)habilitation and minimize post-surgery complications.

Metabolic imaging

Lifestyle interventions

We are establishing the health benefits of lifestyle interventions on muscle health in both healthy old adults and clinically compromised populations such as patients with renal disease or cancer.

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