October 4, 2018

Check out the link here to the recording of the lecture held by Luc van loon at the Universiteit van Nederland



September 13, 2018

More information on our research in Gezond Idee:


September, 6, 2018

Kristin Jonvik will defend her thesis on September 13, 2018



June, 27, 2018

In de  Gezond Idee van Juni 2018 een dagje meelopen met onze onderzoeksgroep:


June, 11, 2018

Check out this link: Rode bietensap als wondermiddel voor topsporters?


June 30,2015


Jorn Trommelen won the Young Investigators Award last week during ECSS in Malmo! Congratulations!


June 22, 2015


Vacancy for PhD student at the University of Exeter in parnership with Maastricht University, please click here


May 26, 2015


Our colleague Stefan Gorissen has won the Publication Prize 2014 last week during the TIFN Annual Conference @ Unilever in Vlaardingen. He received the prize for the article "Carbohydrate coingestion delays dietary protein digestion and absorption but does not modulate postpandial muscle protein accretion." (published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism" Congratulations Stefan!!!!




December 18, 2014


At 12 pm our colleague Tim Snijders will defend his thesis @ Maastricht University. Title of his dissertation: "Satellite cells in skeletal muscle atrophy and hypertrophy"


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July 14, 2014


Marlou Dirks  has received a Young Investigators Award for her presentation at the 19th edition of the annual congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS). This congress was held in Amsterdam, from 2-5 July 2014.

Marlou received the award for her presentation entitled ‘Neuromuscular electrical stimulation prevents skeletal muscle fiber atrophy in fully-sedated ICU patients’. The study, performed in collaboration with Jessa Hospital in Hasselt, Belgium, demonstrates the efficacy of neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) in preventing muscle wasting in comatose patients. These data underline the potential for the application of NMES during the treatment of critically ill patients. Congratulations Marlou!


Profielfoto Marlou Dirks verkleind-ch2



June 5, 2014


At 14h00 our colleague Jan-Willem van Dijk will defend his thesis with title: "Exercise strategies to optimize glycemic control in type 2 diabetes"


April 22, 2014


Check out the link here for more information on the research done by Bart Groen.



April 15, 2014


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June 29, 2013

Stefan Gorissen, PhD student within our M3 research group won a Young Investigators Award during the 18th edition of the annual congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) in Barcelona, Spain.

Stefan Gorissen presented his study entitled: “Carbohydrate co-ingestion with protein delays digestion and absorption but does not modulate postprandial muscle protein accretion”. The study demonstrates that the intake of carbohydrates has no added value for the stimulation of muscle protein synthesis after protein consumption in younger and older men. This implies that there is no need to add a lot of carbohydrates to clinical nutritional products that are used to maintain muscle mass. Out of 276 applications the scientific committee of the ECSS selected 117 applicants to present their research. Stefan Gorissen received the 2nd price because of the innovative nature of the study and the enthusiastic presentation.



June 6, 2013

Please check out the program of the Sport Nutrition Conference in Paris from July 21-23, 2013! The main purpose of the meeting will be to discuss recent research and studies in sport and nutrition and provide comprehensive tips for practical use. Please click here for more information!



June 5, 2013

M3 colleague Naomi Cermak made it to the KONA INspired 2013 finals. We can vote again for her video, until June 15! Please click here and vote for "making the impossible seem possible!"


June 3, 2013

We have a vacancy for a PhD student on 'Sports nutrition and exercise metabolism'  in our group: please click here for the jobdescription on academic transfer!


May 31, 2013

Every year Top Institute Food and Nutrition awards special prizes to recognise the best scientists and scientific achievements and to highlight the societal and industrial impact of the research. This year the project "Dietary strategies to augment muscle mass and function" of project leader Luc van Loon won the Joop Roels Impact Award.  Congratulations to the whole team in Maastricht and Wageningen! For more information please read here!



May 31, 2013

Our colleague, Tim Snijders received 2 prizes at the American College of Sports Medicine, taking place in Indianapolis right now for his research called "Dietary Protein Intake Modules Satellite Cell Myostatin Expression following a bout of... resistance exercise."   The submitted abstract was selected from more than 200 nutrition oriented abstracts for the receipt of the First Gatorade Sport Science Nutrition Award 2013. Next to this he received the ACSM International student award 2013! Congratulations Tim!   For more info:
May 30, 2013
Voting for our colleague Naomi Cermak to participate in the KONA inspired! Please click here to vote!


May 7, 2013

In Dutch only: link naar Voeding Nu: Eiwitsuppletie en fysieke inspanning en spiermassa van ouderen please click here


April 3, 2013

Bart Pennings will defend his PhD thesis "Postprandial muscle protein synthesis in the elderly" at 14h00 at Maastricht University


November 7, 2012

“Milk protein and muscle maintentance in the elderly” by Luc van Loon, Cape Town, South Africa at the
IDF World Dairy Summit 2012.
Click here for the video presentation. 


October 28, 2012

Please click here for the radio show "Labyrinth" with Luc van Loon and Marlou Dirks on elcectro stimulation


July 23, 2012

Please click here for the publication "The Human Engine"of Professor Luc van Loon.


July 9, 2012

Two NUTRIM researchers win Young Investigators Award

Tim Snijders and Joey Smeets, two researchers of the department of Human Movement Sciences (School for Nutrition, Toxicology and Metabolism (NUTRIM)), won a Young Investigators Award during the 17th edition of the annual congress of the European College of Sport Science (ECSS) in Bruges (Belgium). Tim Snijders received the 4th prize for his oral presentation and Joey Smeets received the 1st prize for his poster presentation.

Tim Snijders presented his research entitled: “Skeletal muscle satellite cell responsiveness to a single bout of exercise is blunted in the elderly”. In this study he demonstrated that skeletal muscle stem cells of healthy elderly men show a blunted response to a single bout of resistance type exercise compared to healthy young men. This blunted response could contribute to the age related loss of muscle mass. Joey Smeets presented a poster entitled “A single bout of eccentric exercise results in a type II muscle fiber specific increase in satellite cell content and activation status”. He showed that skeletal muscle stem cells of healthy young men respond in a fiber type-specific manner to a single bout of eccentric exercise, emphasizing the need for fiber type specific analysis. Out of 270 selected oral and poster presentations the scientific committee of the ECSS chose their presentations because of the innovative nature of the research and the enthusiastic presentation.


Joey Smeets (l.)and Tim Snijders

May 31, 2012  

Check out some of our colleagues at Pavlov television with Joep van Deudekom at 9 pm Nederland 3! 
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May 15, 2012
Results of the Fitter Together Contest of Maastricht University
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March 30, 2012
Milou Beelen has defended her thesis “Sports nutrition to promote post-exercise recovery” at Maastricht University   The intake of sports nutrition during the recovery period after intensive exertion is important for supplementing the energy reserves in the body and for stimulating muscle growth. This dissertation studies the effects of carbohydrate and protein intake on muscle repair. The conclusions are that endurance sportsmen benefit most from recovery drinks that contain both carbohydrates and protein. This supplements the carbohydrate reserves in the muscle and stimulates muscle growth. Power sportsmen should predominantly focus on the intake of proteins to enhance muscle growth, but they can inhibit protein decomposition by supplementing a small quantity of carbohydrates and supplement the carbohydrate reserves in the muscle. Moreover, both types of sportsmen can prolong the recovery period by taking the recovery drink already during exertion and/or shortly before going to sleep.


November 10, 2011
Inaugural lecture of Luc van Loon at  Maastricht University, Title: The Human Engine.