Within our research group we regularly have PhD and Post-doctoral research positions available. These positions become available upon acceptance of grant application with government bodies, industry, and/or public-private partnerships. We regret that we cannot provide positions to all the national and international students who show their interest in taking up a research position in our lab, but we would like to invite people to respond to job offers that will become available on this website. Vacancies posted on this website will also be posted on academictransfer. For job opportunities at Maastricht University press the button below.

We are now recruiting for four PhD positions within the M3 research group. These positions are posted below as well as on the academic transfer website. Furthermore, we will be recruiting for an administrative management position to support our team in the (financial) management, administration, and representation (social media) of our work within Maastricht University as well as in the greater community.

PhD position

Lifestyle interventions

PhD position

Protein requirements

PhD position

You are what you eat

PhD position

Protein handling in the ICU

Project manager

Administrative support

Laboratory technician

Other job opportunities in research may be found on organisation websites such as
the European College of Sport Science
The Physiological Society.
You can find available international research positions in
various Universities and Research Institutes on the websites linked below.