Philippe Pinckaers

Position: PhD student
NUTRIM School for Nutrition, Toxicology and Metabolism /
Department of Movement Sciences
Faculty of Health, Medicine, and Life Sciences
Maastricht University
PO Box 616
6200 MD Maastricht, the Netherlands

Telephone: +31 43 3882215
Fax:           +31 43 3670286
Mobile:       -

Key words:Exercise, human physiology, (sports)nutrition, nitrate,
protein, (Muscle)metabolism

Hobbies: Cycling


2010–2013 Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Sciences: Major Human Movement Sciences, Maastricht University
2013-2014 Master of Science, Biology of Human Performance and Health, Maastricht University
2014-present Research assistant, Department of Human Movement Sciences, NUTRIM, Maastricht University 

Career description

In 2013 Philippe Pinckaers obtained his Bachelor degree in Biomedical Sciences majoring in Human Movement Sciences and subsequently completed a Master in Human Movement Sciences. Besides being regularly involved in a study looking into muscle glycogen repletion after exercise, the main focus during his Master internship at Maastricht University, was gaining insight into the effects of nitrate supplementation on exercise performance. After his graduation, he remained involved in these studies as well as in subsequent studies related to dietary nitrate supplementation. In May 2015, he started working as a research assistant at the department of Human Movement Sciences at Maastricht University. Here he will be involved in projects focusing at among others the effects of protein intake on post-exercise muscle protein synthesis.